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PROJECT           B E N E F I T S 

The Project is a multi-modal surface transportation enhancement project, which addresses traffic congestion and safety coupled with facilitation of growth and non-motorized transportation systems. The existing County Line Road corridor does not have sufficient capacity to serve the current traffic volumes and utilizes multi-way stop control at every intersection, thus resulting in a Level of Service (LOS) below D, approaching unstable flow. The Project proposes to construct four (4) single-lane and one (1) multi-lane roundabouts, together with street, pedestrian, drainage (catch basins at each roundabout) and bicycle improvements, to improve safety and efficiency throughout the corridor. The use of roundabouts, in lieu of signalized intersections, provides adequate capacity and LOS for County Line Road to remain a two-lane street, thus significantly reducing right-of-way (ROW) and construction costs to construct a four-lane corridor. Roundabouts will be constructed at the intersections of 5th Street, 3rd Street, 2nd Street, California Street, and Bryant Street. In addition, street improvements will be implemented between Park Avenue and 5th Street, 5th Street East (Mid-Block) to 3rd Street, and California Street to Bryant Street.

Family Stretch

Public Health

County Line Road Street Improvements Project creates less pollution from idling vehicles meaning cleaner air for you and your loved ones.

A Happy Family

More Time

County Line Road Street Improvements Project

means shorter commute times &

more time doing what you LOVE!

Pumping Services

Cost Savings

County Line Road Street Improvements Project increases the fuel efficiency of automobile transportation which means less money spent on gasoline.

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Environmental Preservation

County Line Road Street Improvements Project decreases the rate of environmental damage from automobiles.

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Responsible Use of
Public Funds

County Line Road Street Improvements Project costs less than street widening and new construction.




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